How To Raise Healthy Chickens

Hоw to Rаiѕе Healthy Chickens


Quality poultry feed

Prоvidе thе соrrесt fееd
Aѕ bаѕiс аѕ it ѕоundѕ, chickens muѕt be fеd properly to реrfоrm орtimаllу and to bе healthy. Evеn though оur grеаt grandparents mау hаvе fеd their flocks cracked соrn оr ѕсrаtсh, advances in science аnd thе wоrk of poultry nutritiоniѕtѕ rеvеаlѕ thаt bасkуаrd сhiсkеnѕ rеԛuirе much mоrе nutritiоnаllу to live long, hеаlthу livеѕ, while рrоduсing nutritiоuѕ eggs. Chickens аt different stages оf development require diffеrеnt fееd formulations. Read more

Eggless Hens

One of the most common questions we get asked from chicken owners is “Why have my hens stopped laying?” There are various reasons but some of the most common are increasing age, lacking nutrition, disease, stress and reduced daylight hours. Various chicken breeds also perform differently at certain times. Read more

Eggstra Special Backyard Pets

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Beautiful colored Silky Chickens

What was your first Pet? Was it a Dog a Cat a Fish or maybe a Bird?

Who would have thought a chicken would make a great Pet! Well surprisingly they do.
Of course some chicken breeds make better pets than others but it all comes down to personal choice and the right information at hand to make the right decision.

Chickens are very affordable to raise and low maintenance. As with any pet there is an initial outlay to get you started such as a chicken coop with run, laying boxes, bedding, feeder and waterer but after that all you need to do is keep their protein feeder and waterer topped up a couple of times a week, give them some of your left over food scraps  and let them free range around the yard picking at anything they like to eat. Read more

How To Build A Chicken Coop Fast

Pawhut 122" Deluxe Wooden Rabbit Hutch / Chicken Coop w/ Double Outdoor Runs

Chicken Coop with Run on both ends

If you are looking to build your chicken coop fast, you will need the right tools to get the job done quickly.  A chicken coop is a house where your chickens will live and lay eggs so you will want to build a house that will last.  While trying to build your coop as fast as possible, you don’t want to sacrifice the quality either.

If this is your first time tackling a chicken coop project, you won’t be able to build a chicken coop quickly like someone who has built one before so take your time.  No matter if this is your fist time, you can build a coop fast too if you follow the basic guidelines.

Chicken Coop Plans

This is the most important element of building a chicken coop fast!  This plan is what tells you what you need and what to do to build the coop.  Since there are many plans available to use, you will want to use the one that is easy for you to understand and follow.  There are free chicken coop plans available online, as well as paid ones.  The difference in paid and free ones is the quality of the plans.  When choosing a free plan, after you have download it, make sure to look through the entire plan before deciding to use it.  Sometimes, the free plan doesn’t include all the instructions.  Some free plans will make you buy an additional chicken coop plan to finish the project.  This is why it’s very important to look through the entire plan.

As for the paid chicken coop plans, more than likely it will include all the details of everything you need to complete your chicken coop.  Before buying any plans, make sure to look over the sample first.  Most paid plans will give you a page of the plan to examine.  If you are ever in doubt, ask the seller about it because most digital items bought online cannot be returned for a refund.

Chicken Coop Size

Size plays an important role at how quickly you can finish the chicken coop.  Of course, the smaller the chicken coop, the faster you can build it.  If it’s a large coop that will house more than 10 chickens at once, you can still build the coop fast.  To get the coop completed quickly, get your entire family or some of your friends to help out with the project.


To get things done quickly, you will need power tools.  However, be sure not to go to quickly or you’ll cut the wood out of its dimensions.  The main tools you will need is a saw to cut the wood, drill for drilling holes, screwdriver, measuring tape and pencil

Above are the basics that you will need to build your chicken coop fast.  If you are careful and follow the instructions , you should get the chicken coop done the same day.

Building Multiple Chicken Coops

Chicken Coop with Run and Nesting Box

Sometimes you face some problems building just one chicken coop in your backyard.  Some people have a small backyard and can’t fit a large chicken coop or it’s too space consuming.  Others prefer to raise one half for meat and the other  half for eggs and want to separate the flocks.  Whatever the reason is, there’s no problem building more than 1 coop in your backyard.

With multiple chicken coops, first, you will need to measure the area of your backyard to make sure there is enough space for how many coops you’re planning to build. All the chicken coops should have the same of everything. Basically, it will be identical unless you want one to look different from the other.

Second, ask yourself why do you need more than one coop.  Some people want to raise different breeds of chickens and keep them separated. Some want to keep the flocks separated for eggs and meats.  Other just prefer to have a couple small coop than 1 large one for maintenance.  When you figure why you need more than 1 coop, plan it out first to make building the coop easy.

Third, figure out how many chickens you will be raising.  That will determine the size of each chicken coop.  If you are planning to raise 10 chickens, building 2 medium size coop is a good idea.  You can put 5 chickens in each house.  That should give each chicken enough room to move about.

Fourth, draw out a floor plan on where the chicken coops will be located in your backyard.  Try to look for an area that provide shades for half the day for the coops. Under a large tree is an ideal spot.  If you don’t have a larger tree for shading, look for an area such as near a tall structure like the side of your house or a tall fence.  Anything that can cast a shadow over the coop should work.  If you still can’t find anything that provides shading, the other thing you can do is cover the coop with a sun screen.  That should provide some shades for the chicken during the day.  Also, shades keep the chicken coop cool throughout the day.

Finally, after you have planned everything out and get all your materials together, you can start building the chicken coop. If you are building identical coop, it’s a good idea to cut all the pieces into shape first.  That will save you a lot time and energy.  Another way to save time and energy is to get your whole family involved.  What’s better than enjoying a whole day with the family working together.

Multiple chicken coops isn’t something strange, everyone has their own reason why they need multiple coops.  Just remember to build the right size coop to raise the chicken comfortably. If the chickens are happy, that translates into healthier chickens, and healthier chickens will lay great tasting eggs and their meat will be delicious!



Easy Chicken Coop Plans

hampton chicken coop

Hampton Chicken Coop

As the prices of chickens and eggs rise at the grocery store, more and more people are looking for an alternative to get their produce.  One of the way is building your very own chicken coop in your backyard.  It might seem difficult just hearing the word “build” for most people especially people who have no prior experience building something before.  Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think and if you can follow directions, you can build your own chicken coop.

Chicken coop plans are the best way to ensure that you are going to have a safe and stable place to raise your chicken. You might have done your research online already and overwhelmed by all the information on coop plans that you’ve read already.  Like anything else you find online, some chicken coop plans are great, and others are really lacking in detail, so you do need to do your research properly.

If this is your first building a chicken coop, you will want to find the easiest coop plan available.  The easy ones are usually small coops that don’t require much labor and materials to build.  However, before deciding on the size of the coop, you will want to find out how many chickens you are planning to raise first.  A small coop will likely house 2-3 chickens.  You will want to have at least 2 feet of space between each chicken and the chicken coop.  That will give them enough room to move around.

Another thing to consider is the space outside of the chicken house. Chickens need a chicken run as well.  A chicken run is an area for the chicken to run around. They can’t stay in the chicken house all day long.  That will cause the chickens to be stressed and unhappy. So be sure to have enough space outside for them to run around.

The placement of your feeder and water basins should be in the plan as well.  The chickens need plenty of water all day long, especially when it’s hot outside.  They use the water basins to cool themselves down when it get hot outside. The feeder should be placed on opposite end of the water basin if possible to avoid water from splashing into the food.  If that’s not possible, another solution would be to place the feeder above the water basin.

Be aware of any predators that might be in the area when planning out your chicken coop.  You will need to put predator proof screens around and at the top of the chicken coop. Foxes are smart animals and will find a way to break through the screen.  Use high quality screens to prevent any predators from getting inside the coop. Another thing to consider is your pet if you have one.  Dogs and cats are natural predators and when they see chickens, they will go after them when they have a chance. So be sure not to leave your pets unattended when they’re around the chickens.

Easy chicken coop plans are easy to find online and might be available at your local home improvement stores.  Just remember that the smaller the chicken coop is the easier the chicken coop plans will be.

Building A Backyard Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop with Run and Nesting box

A great way to have fresh eggs and meats is to build a backyard chicken coop.  Having your own chicken coop will save you money on food and be healthier since you know what you’re feeding your chicken.  Building a coop in your backyard isn’t as hard as it seems and it might be easier than you think if this is your first time.

Most people will have a chicken coop in their backyard instead of the front yard because of laws in each state and it might not be too appealing to your neighbors.  If you live in a city and want to have a chicken coop in your backyard, make sure to check with your city laws first.  Some cities have an ordinance that you must comply too when  building a structure on your property.  Some cities require you to get a permit while others won’t and the fees for the permit shouldn’t be too much.  If you decide to bypass this process, sooner or later you’ll be caught and there will be a penalty with it.  So to be on the  safe side, just check with your city first.

Once you are ready to start building the chicken coop, you will need some basic necessities such as tools, materials, and a plan.  Probably the most important tools when building a coop is a plan.  A plan will help you build the chicken house with limited mistakes.  You don’t want to have to tear the house back down because you’ve forgot to put in the nest box or roosts inside the hen house. A chicken house plan can be created by yourself or get them online for free or for a fee.  If this is your first time building a coop, you’ll definitely need to get a plan.  This will save you the hassle and a lot of mistakes. When it comes to mistakes, that will cost you more money that you’ve planned for.

After you got all your tools, materials, and plan ready, you can start building the coop.  This project will require some carpentry skills such as measurements and cutting woods.  For the most part, you can use a handsaw to cut the wood to shape.  If you worked with power tools before, you can use them to get the project done quicker.  Either way, always take your time and you won’t have to worry about costly mistakes.

Since the coop will be placed in your backyard, you will want to place it somewhere that provides shade at least half of the day.  If you have a large tree in your backyard, you can place them under the tree.  If you don’t have a tree that provides shading, you can place them close to a structure that is high enough where it can cast a shadow over the coop for part of the day.  Where ever you decide to place the coop, make sure to never put it too close to wall of the house of fence.  The coop should be placed far enough out where fresh air can flow through the chicken coop.  If not, the smell from the chicken dropping will start to build up and that can create diseases and other parasites to live in the coop.   Also, built up chicken droppings can accumulate a toxic ammonia-like fume that can actually be dangerous to the chickens and to you and your family

A coop isn’t as hard as it seems and most plans will be in detail on how to build the chicken coop.  If you can follow simple instructions, you should not have a hard time building the hen house.  If you are ever in doubt about the instructions, call the person or company that created the plan and ask them to clarify the instruction you have in question.

Building a chicken coop should be a fun project for you to enjoy.  If you aren’t too happy about building one, the end result won’t be pretty either.  Another thing, this is a great project for your entire family to build together.  Once it’s all complete, you will have a great looking chicken coop in your very own backyard.

Finally when you have everything set and ready to move the chicken in, make sure to have ample food and water ready.  Just like any other pet you have, they need to be taken good care of to have a happy and healthy life.  Just remember that healthy chickens produces great tasting eggs!


Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Automatic Chicken Coop Door

For anyone who keeps chickens as a pet or to raise them for meats and eggs, you know how important the chickens are to you.  That’s why it is very important to keep them safe at night when predators like foxes, snakes and owls hunt.  For some people, it can be a tedious job coming out every morning  and every night opening and closing the door for the chicken coop, and looking for an easier way to handle that task.  Well, you’re in luck because there’s an automatic chicken coop door that can do the job for you.

A chicken coop door is a must have item if you are raising chickens.  Doors help keep them safe from predators and provides shelter for them from the rain, snow, and sun.  Mother nature can be mean sometimes and that’s why you should be prepared. The door for your chicken coop doesn’t have to be fancy, but it needs to be sturdy and strong enough to prevent foxes and other predators from knocking it down and getting to your chickens.

When it comes to automatic doors, you can build them yourself or buy one already made.  That depends on your expertise building an automated door.  If you are looking to build an automatic chicken coop door, click here to see the article to learn how to build one.  Building one is fairly simple and requires locks, timers, ropes or chains, and patient.  In addition, building an automatic door will depend on how your coop is setup.  Some chicken coop have doors that swing back and forth, while others have doors that goes up and down.  So it will require some knowledge of how timers and locks work if you want to build one yourself.

If you would rather not build one yourself, you can buy an automatic door online.  Most local home improvement stores won’t have these in stock, but they might have them online. You can buy them as a Whole Assembly Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener or just Chicken Coop Door Motor.  Buying the whole assembly or just the door motor will depend on your preferences and expertise. For the whole assembly, all you need to do is cut the coop to make room for the door and you’re done.  If you’re buying  just the motor, you will need to do some work to make the door work.  Usually for both products, there will be instructions for you to follow.

If you are building one yourself or buying one, make sure the locking mechanism works flawlessly. If the locks don’t lock, what’s the point of having a door.  So make sure to test it out a couple times before leaving it to do its job on its own.  Another thing with automatic doors is that the lock is controlled by a timer.  A timer is a device that is set manually to tell what time the door should be locked and unlocked.   When buying a timer, don’t go for the cheap one because they tend to work and last for only a short period of time.  If the timer stops working, that means the door isn’t locked and that can pose a threat to your chicken at night.  That’s why you want to choose a quality timer to prevent something like that from happening.

Automatic chicken coop door is a great feature to have for your chicken coop. You won’t have to worry about coming out at night to lock the door or come in the early morning to open the door for the chickens.  Also, you can go on a vacation for a couple days without worrying about your chicken.  The automatic door will keep them safe at night and you won’t have to worry about your chicken being eaten.


Building A Chicken Coop Door

If you are planning to build a chicken coop, you will also need to build a chicken coop door.  What is so important about the door you might ask.  Well, a door isn’t an option you can choose to have or not, but a must for all coops.  Having a door will help keep your chicken safe from danger such as predators and mother nature.  Building a door for your coop isn’t hard, it’s really simple. Probably one of the most simplest item for the chicken coop.

Chicken coop door is nothing more than a couple of pieces of woods nailed together and attached to the opening of the chicken coop.  Depending on the size of your coup, you might have one or more doors.  A small coop with one door will be sufficient.  A large coop will require at least two doors so it will be easy for the chickens to get in and out off.  Also, if there is danger nearby, the chickens can get into the coop quickly.

Doors comes in the option of being manual or automatic. Most doors will be manual open and close.  That means you will have to open and close the door yourself.  Manual doors are easier to fix and maintain if it should need repair.  On the other hand, automatic doors will make your life easier as it will open and close by itself.  However, it will cost money if it needs to be repaired.

If you are in the market for automatic doors, there are a many places you can buy from.  Before buying one, make sure to do your research to see what’s included, the size of it, and the quality of it.  I recommend not choosing any that are cheap because it will  cost more in the long run.  Most automatic door openers will be anywhere from $50 to $300.  Here’s a link to buy one from Amazon:  Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener.

Another important feature for the door is the door lock.  You need a lock to keep your chicken safe inside the coop.  Some predators like a fox knows how to open a door to the chicken coop. A lock doesn’t cost much and you can buy a simple one from any home improvement store.  If you have an automatic door opener, most doors will come with a lock already installed.  If it doesn’t, you will need to get the lock from the company that manufactured the door.

The chicken coop door doesn’t have to be pretty, but it needs to be sturdy enough to handle the loads from being opened and closed everyday.  Using high quality wood will be sturdy enough for everyday uses.  When using nails to hold the wood together, use high quality nails, preferable stainless steel nails to prevent rust.  Screws can also be used to hold the wood together.

The size of the door will need to be considered as well.  The size of the door will be up to you.  You can make the door as small or large as you want, but keep in mind the chickens are going in and out of it everyday so make sure the door is large enough for them to go in and out of.  Some people like to build a door that is large enough where they can stick their body into. This will help with cleaning and maintenance inside the chicken coop and much more easier than just being able to reach in with just your arms.

As you can see, the door for the chicken coop is very important when building a chicken coop. So keep that in mind and you will never have to worry about your chickens being eaten by predators.


Fast Chicken Coop Plans

If you are looking for a plan to build your chicken coop fast, you have come to the right place.  Building a chicken coop can be time consuming and requires a lot of planning, unless you have built one before.  For the rest of us who are looking to build a chicken coop as quickly as possible and still have a nice looking hen house once it’s done, follow the tips below.

Before getting started, you’ll need a chicken coop plan.  You can find one online for free or some charge a fee for their plan.  Most plans are written in plain English and the directions are easy to follow even if you never built a chicken coop before.  If you are planning to buy a plan, make sure to see a preview of it just to make sure it’s something that you want because most digital items which includes chicken coop plans cannot be refunded.  So make sure it’s a plan that you want.  As for free plans, you can simply download them and see if it’s something that you want.  Most plans will be available in PDF format.  After downloading the plan to your memory card, you can take it to any print shop and they can print out the plan on paper for you.

After you got your plan in your hand, it’s time to go out an start finding the materials needed to build the chicken coop.  Most plans will have details on what you need to complete your project.  Most home improvements store such as Lowe’s and Home Depot will have all the required materials so it should just be one stop shopping.

Now that you have all the materials and the plan in one place, it’s time to start building the chicken coop.  It’s very important to follow the instructions carefully so you will not make any mistakes.  Mistakes can cause you to make extra trips to the store and delay your project from being completed quickly.

Another way to build the chicken coop fast is to have a couple of people to help you on the project.  It can be your kids, relatives, or your friends.  The more people you have helping you the faster you can have your chicken coop completed.  If your kids are helping you, this can be a great project for them to do and teach them some new skills.  You can have one person cut the wood according to the plan and another person start assembling the wood together.

If you are doing all this yourself, it can be accomplished quickly too.  Start by cutting all the wood according to your plan.  Once all the wood is cut, start assembling them together.  By doing so, you’ll get the chicken coop completed faster than cutting each wood and assembling one by one.

How fast the chicken coop can be completed depends on how small or large you want to build it.  A small coop can be accomplished in a couple of hours or so while a large coop will take a day or so.  Whichever size coop you’re planning to build, it’s important to follow all the instructions carefully and that should get your project done fast.

Above are some things to consider if you’re planning to build your chicken coop fast.  However, you don’t want to go too fast that the chicken house will look nothing like the plan. If that happens, you will have to start all over again.  That’s why it is very important to follow the instructions carefully.  But most important of all, have fun building the chicken coop.

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