Chicken Coop Accessories

Chicken Coop accessories are just as important as the Chicken Coop itself.
Like us, chickens need shelter, somewhere to run around and scratch for worms, grubs and insects, somewhere to sleep, food and water and basically just somewhere to feel safe and sound.

Some basic items that you will require to furnish your backyard chicken coop will be:

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Hens on their Roost for the night

Roost – A Roost is what the chickens sleep on at night

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Chicken Feeder by Harris which can be hung or positioned on the ground

Feeders and Waterers – The volume of these items will depend on the number of chickens being raised.

Nesting Boxes – This is where your hens will lay their fresh eggs daily

Nesting Material – Hens require soft warm material to lay their eggs on in their nesting box.
The most popular materials to use are – pine shavings, hay, straw, newspaper to name a few.

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A simple nesting box which you can make yourself at homnesting boxes.

Feed – Chickens will eat almost anything including insects, bugs, grubs, worms and table scraps.

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Straw is one material used in nesting boxes

But like Humans chickens require good quality feed high in vitamins and nutrients. You can buy the appropriate feed from your local produce store.

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Chicken Feed High in Vitamins and Nutrients

To purchase any of the above accessory items and more visit your local produce store or click on the below complimentary links to online Suppliers of Poultry Accessories (Denver) (Alabama) (Minnesota) (Iowa)